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 Blased : one word, no exact definition.

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MessageSujet: Blased : one word, no exact definition.   Ven 26 Juin - 19:01

Blas :

1. the ultimate in change, resulting in only great things.

v. blased, blas'em

it's time to blas the world.

Blaze :

1  /bleɪz/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [bleyz] Show IPA noun, verb, blazed, blaz⋅ing.
Use Blazed in a Sentence
1. a bright flame or fire: the welcome blaze of the hearth.
2. a bright, hot gleam or glow: the blaze of day.
3. a sparkling brightness: a blaze of jewels.
4. a sudden, intense outburst, as of fire, passion, or fury: to unleash a blaze of pent-up emotions; a blaze of glory.
5. blazes, Informal. hell: Go to blazes!
–verb (used without object)
6. to burn brightly (sometimes fol. by away, up, forth): The bonfire blazed away for hours. The dry wood blazed up at the touch of a match.
7. to shine like flame (sometimes fol. by forth): Their faces blazed with enthusiasm.
8. to burn with intense feeling or passion (sometimes fol. by up): He blazed up at the insult.
9. to shoot steadily or continuously (usually fol. by away): The contestants blazed away at the clay pigeons.
10. to be brilliantly conspicuous.

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Blased : one word, no exact definition.
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